BA1 Fundamentals Of Business Economics

BA1 Fundamentals Of  Business  Economics
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Learn the fundamentals of business economics with this course and you could be on your way to completing the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, a valuable addition to any CV and entry requirement for the highly regarded CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification.

This course is one of the entry requirements for the CIMA qualification, along with three other modules. Break the study down into manageable pieces and you’ll be well on your way to accounting freedom. The course should take approximately 25 study hours to complete and is available online, upon registration.

The subject primarily covers the economic and operating context of business and how the factors of competition, the behaviour of financial markets and government economic policy can influence an organisation. It also deals with the information available to assist management in evaluating and forecasting the behaviour of consumers, markets and the economy in general.

The focus of this syllabus is on providing candidates with an understanding of the areas of economic activity relevant to an organisation’s decisions and, within this context, the numerical techniques to support such decisions.


  • Explain the macroeconomic phenomena, including price inflation, the equilibrium and growth in national income, unemployment and trade deficits/surpluses.
  • Understand the various stages of the trade cycle and the impact that it has on the economy and individual organisations.
  • Gain insight into the principles of public finance, including the various aspects of taxation and financial deficit.
  • Learn about the snippets of the national policy which are relevant to trade.
  • Explore the concept of globalisation and the consequences that it can have on businesses and organisations. Apply this knowledge to your work with prospective employers.
  • Understand the differences in goals set by profit-seeking organisations, NPOs and governmental organisations.
  • Learn how shareholder wealth and stakeholders can impact on the goals of a business.
  • Demonstrate and calculate the point of profit maximisation using total cost and total revenue data.
  • Explore the concept of price elasticity of supply and demand and the effects that they can have on an organisation’s revenue.
  • Learn how price regulation can impact goods and factor markets and the impact of competition on price, output and profitability.
  • Explore the concepts of liquidity, the foreign exchange market, the role of financial intermediaries and how supranational organisations can help to stabilise the market and encourage economic growth.


  • Pursue your dreams of becoming a professional chartered management accountant with this pre-requisite course.
  • Improve your chance of employment and impress prospective employees with a glowing skillset!
  • Online CIMA tuition, training manuals and an exam practice kit come as standard upon registration on the course.
  • Online study means you can complete the various units in your own time, at your convenience. No need to worry about jam-packed timetables, which can be advantageous when you have a job or other commitments to work around.
  • Printable reference guides and exercises to help you revise and retain as much information as possible.
  • Improve your marketability and impress future employers with a glowing CV!

Book your place on this course today to begin your journey towards valuable accounting qualifications – every step will get you closer to achieving your career goals.

  • Introduction to economics
  • The price mechanism
  • Elasticity of demand and supply
  • Market failures and price regulation
  • Costs and growth of the firm
  • Market structures
  • National income
  • Money and banking
  • Inflation and unemployment
  • Government policies to influence an economy
  • The international environment
  • Summarising and analysing data
  • Forecasting
  • Financial markets and techniques
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CIMA Fundamentals of Business Economics
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