MYOB Intermediate Course

MYOB Intermediate Course
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Build on existing MYOB AccountRight accounting experience with the MYOB Intermediate Course. Designed specifically for people with some existing knowledge of accounting and MYOB, this course will help them take advantage of more advanced tools and techniques, improving their job performance.

This course is perfect for:

  • Accounts clerks tasked with taking more responsibility for company finances using MYOB.
  • Employees who would like to improve their own skillset and knowledge, helping them become more effective team members.
  • Stock controllers who need to learn how MYOB can be used to manage inventory.
  • Anyone looking to take their personal accounting knowledge and experience to a higher level or to facilitate a career change.

Assuming that learners already have a good basic understanding of MYOB, the Intermediate Course quickly introduces the more complicated concepts behind small business accounting. From creating a product inventory to managing and reporting on sales, participants will learn how to use the powerful tools included in MYOB to streamline their business operations.

The in-depth modules that make up the MYOB Intermediate Course are delivered online via our learning platform. A series of instructor-led videos are backed by a number of practical exercises providing students with a way to try out the concepts they are being taught. Learners can complete each module at their leisure, whenever is most convenient for them.

Participants also have the opportunity to ask and answer questions, sharing their experiences and knowledge with other course attendees via our social media platform. This help and support provides access to a community who can support each other through their learning.

Key learning points

Building on the student’s existing knowledge and experience of MYOB AccountRight, the Intermediate Course helps them quickly get to grips with some of the more challenging scenarios they will encounter whilst working with day-to-day accounts.

The course modules cover topics including:

  • Setting up and populating the company inventory in MYOB.
  • Carrying out a stock count and recording and reporting on the results.
  • Setting up purchase and sales invoices for use with the inventory.
  • How to process discounts and sales, and how to manage the changes in inventory levels.
  • Placing and fulfilling backorders where stock levels cannot cope with demand.
  • Using MYOB for manual and automatic building of items.
  • Adjusting inventory, and reporting on price lists.
  • Using MYOB to manage jobs for service-oriented businesses.
  • Managing internal processes using the contact logs and to do list functions.
  • Understanding the Business Activity Statement (BAS) and the processes involved in creating and producing one.
  • Intermediate report creation techniques.
  • Customising MYOB forms to capture and display the accounting information your business needs.

advantages of this course

By completing the MYOB Intermediate Course, students will be fully prepared to take over stock control and BAS reporting duties, as well as having everything they need to be a fully productive member of the accounts team.

Other benefits associated with the course include:

  • In-depth inventory management skills to keep tighter control of company assets and improve profitability.
  • The ability to manage day-to-day business finances using MYOB AccountRight and take on additional responsibilities at work.
  • The necessary knowledge and experience to secure a promotion at work.
  • A fully-transferrable skillset that can be used in any accounts department at any small or medium-sized firm.

Once complete students will be fully prepared to take over management of the company inventory and BAS reporting duties. They will also have acquired the basic skills required to take their learning to the next level and earn a full accounting qualification.

  • Introduction
  • Inventory Opening Balance
  • Purchase Invoices Using Inventory
  • Sales Invoices Using Inventory Items
  • Sales Backorders
  • Building Items
  • Other Inventory Topics
  • Jobs
  • Contact Logs And The ToDo List
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) and GST
  • Reports
  • Customising Forms
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