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MYOB Package
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Master small business bookkeeping and accounting with the MYOB Package from e-Careers. Learners with little or no experience of bookkeeping will learn everything they need to manage the accounts of an SME, including the company payroll.

The bundle contains three separate courses – MYOB Introduction, MYOB Intermediate and MYOB Payroll – giving a complete grounding in managing payroll and accounts.

This particular course bundle is best suited to:

  • Recently promoted accounts clerks who need to learn new skills and techniques to carry out their new responsibilities.
  • Members of the accounts team who want to improve their own skills or increase their chances of earning a promotion.
  • Experienced bookkeepers who need to cross-train to the MYOB platform.
  • Individuals who would like to retrain for a new career in small business accounting.

As the name suggests, the MYOB Introduction Course covers the fundamentals concepts behind running small business accounts using MYOB. The Intermediate Course then builds on these concepts helping students to master more advanced concepts to better manage corporate finances. Finally the third course focuses of the payroll-specific functions of MYOB and how they are managed.

All three courses are delivered online via the e-Careers learning platform, using a combination of instructor-led videos, practical exercises, flash cards and quizzes to give students a way to test their knowledge as they progress. Students can study at their own pace ensuring participants are in complete control of their learning at all times.

All students also gain access to the e-Careers social network as part of their subscription, allowing them to connect with other learners and ask questions and seek advice from their peers. Participants can share their knowledge and experience, adding additional value to their studies.

Key learning points

Students need no prior experience of bookkeeping or accounting to begin studying the MYOB Package. No matter what level of knowledge they have when starting the course, participants who complete the package will have all the skills they need to fully manage the accounts of a small or medium business using MYOB.

The MYOB Integration course begins with basic level topics and skills including:

  • Basic familiarisation with the MYOB software interface, and where to find the most commonly-used tools.
  • How to set up a new company file to store accounts.
  • Introduction to the Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts.
  • Managing quotes, invoices, purchase orders and statements.
  • Generating reports to gain greater insight into financial operations.
  • Using the banking module to perform reconciliations to ensure accounts data matches actual bank balances.
  • Using backup and restore to protect accounts data from loss.

Building on these basic concepts, the Intermediate course goes on to look at more in-depth topics including:

  • Setting up, populating and managing the company inventory in MYOB.
  • Setting up purchase and sales invoices for use with the inventory, including management of backorders.
  • Using MYOB to manage jobs for service-oriented businesses.
  • Managing internal accounting processes using the contact logs and to do list functions.
  • Understanding the Business Activity Statement (BAS) and the processes involved in creating and producing one.
  • Building and customising MYOB forms and reports to collect and display specific financial data.

Finally the Payroll course covers everything needed to pay the company’s employees including:

  • Setting up and populating the company payroll in MYOB.
  • Maintaining and reporting on the payroll history and employee bank account data.
  • Executing a payroll run including electronic transfers, and pay slip printing.
  • Calculating and applying entitlements like statutory sick pay to an employee’s wages.
  • Calculating other payroll factors including deductions, superannuation contributions and withholdings.
  • Performing payroll year end operations.

advantages of the course

The MYOB Package contains everything required to take a complete accounting novice and train them to become a competent bookkeeper. Graduates will be fully capable of running every aspect of the company’s accounts and payroll using MYOB.

Other benefits associated with the course include:

  • The skills required to become a senior accounting clerk, or to assume full responsibility for bookkeeping.
  • Improved management of corporate accounts, helping to keep cash flow healthy and employees paid on time.
  • Upgraded skills that could help secure a promotion.
  • A fully-transferrable skillset that can be used in any accounts department at any small or medium-sized firm who use MYOB software.

Once complete students will be fully able to carry out general accounting and payroll duties. They will also have a good level of knowledge that can be applied to studying for a full accountancy qualification at a later date.

MYOB Introduction
  • MYOB Overview and Orientation
  • Creating a new Company file
  • The Chart of Accounts
  • Opening Balances
  • The Card file
  • Working with the Purchases module
  • Paying for Purchases
  • Working with the Sales module
  • Reports
  • Receiving Payments from your Customers
  • The Banking Module
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Backups
MYOB Intermediate
  • Introduction
  • Inventory openning balance
  • Purchase Invoices using inventory
  • Sales Invoices using inventory items
  • Sales Backorders
  • Building Items
  • Other Inventory Topics
  • Jobs
  • Contacts Logs and the Todo List
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) and GST
  • Reports
  • Customising Froms
MYOB Payroll
  • Introduction
  • Setting up your Employees
  • Entering Payroll History
  • Conducting a Pay Run
  • Entitlements
  • Timesheets
  • Overview of Payroll Information
  • Payroll Obligations
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