Level 3 International Customer Service Diploma

Level 3 International Customer Service Diploma
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Develop the skills required to be an exceptional customer services representative with this in-depth course. Despite self-service and online shopping becoming more common, people still need pre-and post-sales care – which is where a diploma in Customer Services can help.

This course is an ideal training choice for:

  • Experienced customer services agents who need to earn an industry-recognised qualification.
  • Anyone recently seconded or promoted into a customer services role.
  • Individuals who need to earn a qualification in customer services help them complete a career change.

The Customer Service Diploma course will learn about the role of agents in the modern business, and how to develop the soft skills required to deal with clients in the most challenging circumstances. The course also takes learners through the differences between electronic and telephone services, and the tools and techniques required to deliver an excellent experience to clients.

The Customer Service Diploma course consists of 11 in-depth modules which are completed using a combination of interactive quizzes, electronic manuals and instructor-led videos to help students learn about working as an agent. The course is delivered online so that learners can complete the module anytime, anyplace using any device as is most convenient for them. At the end of the course, students will complete a short multiple-choice exam which, when they pass, will earn them the Customer Services Diploma.

Key Learning Points

The Diploma course takes students with little or no experience of customer services through everything they need to become a valuable member of any support team. And although just 11 modules long, the course covers everything needed for learners to cover even the most in-depth customer issues. The courseware covers a number of subject areas including:

  • Understanding the role of customer services in creating satisfied customers.
  • How to focus services solely on the customer and their needs.
  • Developing the attitude required to deliver and exceptional service to clients.
  • Customer retention and the importance of keeping existing clients on board.
  • Delivering customer service in a face-to-face environment.
  • Delivering customer service over the telephone.
  • Delivering customer service online.
  • How to deal with difficult customers and overcome their negative experiences.
  • Escalating calls and queries to the relevant manager or agent.
  • Creating a positive impression of your company and service at every interaction.

At the end of the modules, students will have the opportunity to sit a test. By getting 70% or more of the questions correct, they will have earned their Customer Service Diploma.

Advantages of this Course

From absolute beginners to experienced agents, the Customer Services Diploma helps students develop their skills, helping them to deliver an exceptional service to their clients.

  • A better understanding of their role as a customer services agent, helping them deliver a better service to clients in store, on the phone or online.
  • Greater confidence in managing client interactions and relationships.
  • Being able to work better with other members of a customer services team.
  • A qualification that confirms their service skills and abilities, making it easier to secure a job.

The Customer Services Diploma helps increase employment opportunities, with an industry recognised certification that confirms the student’s abilities. They will also have a good foundational knowledge on which to build as they take their career and learning further.


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Customer Service Advisor (United Kingdom)
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This course is CPD certified. 

Understanding Customer Services
  • What customer service is
  • About the different types of customer service
  • About customer service terminology
  • Why customer service is so important
The Customer
  • Who the customer is
  • About consumer rights law in the UK
  • The difference between internal and external customers
  • How to find your niche within the industry
Attitude Is Everything
  • How to make a great first impression
  • Why getting your clothing right is essential to the image you wish to convey
  • How body language effects the way you are perceived
  • About the power of a positive attitude
Caring For Your Customer’s Needs
  • About the client’s perspective of customer service
  • How to best meet a customer’s needs
  • How exceed customer expectations
  • Why communication is key to caring for a customer
Customer Retention: How to Get Them Back
  • How to provide an effective after sales service
  • What to do when the customer is wrong
  • How to listen to and effectively deal with complaints
  • Why you need to show empathy with a complaining customer
Face to Face Customer Service
  • How to create a positive first impression
  • How to use your body language to communicate effectively
  • About other forms of non-verbal communication
  • How talking down your competition can have a negative effect on your image
Telephone Customer Service
  • About telephone etiquette
  • The advantages and disadvantages of telephone customer service
  • 11 Tips for providing better telephone customer service
  • Why an efficient employee will take pre-emptive measures to improve customer satisfaction
Electronic Customer Service
  • The advantages and disadvantages of electronic customer service
  • What “Netiquette” is
  • The do’s and don’ts of sending emails
  • How to provide effective customer service electronically
Rescuing Difficult Customers
  • How to diffuse anger
  • Why keeping a calm demeanour will help solve issues faster
  • How to control you emotions
  • Why you should deal with a customers anger before solving their problem
  • How to handle abusive customers
  • Why you shouldn’t cave in to unreasonable demands
  • When you should tell a customer “enough is enough”
  • How to handle physical threats
Make an Impression Every Time
  • How to retain customers through best service
  • Why your focus should also be on creating as uncomplicated and simple an experience as possible
  • Why any effective and talented customer service professional will have the ability to convince others of their opinion
  • A recap of the skills you need for customer service jobs
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Online Course
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