IEMA Awareness

IEMA Awareness
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IEMA, or the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, is the largest professional body for environmental practitioner in the United Kingdom and worldwide, with nearly 15,000 members. This course provides an ideal introduction to core environmental issues both at home and in the workplace including natural cycles and life support systems and how business affects the environment.

This Environmental Awareness course has been created by a team of Developers who have worked with experienced Consultants, bringing you a fundamental skillset and crucial knowledge in issues that are impacting the environment that we inhabit. This flexible, online course is designed for people who need a basic awareness of environmental issues, whether that be for the pursuit of a career in environmental management, or a major interest and passion in helping the environment.

The course focuses on how individuals and businesses can come together and take responsibility for their own environmental footprint. At the end of the course, you will be asked to make a commitment to reduce their impact on the environment at home and at work. An optional assessment is also available for organisations who wish for their students to pass the IEMA test, and practically apply their knowledge into the workplace and their home lives.


Once students have completed the course, they will be able to understand the core environment problems including climate change and resource depletion, and understand how organisations and individuals can minimise their impact on the environment through activities including waste management, minimising energy and water usage and effective environment management.

  • The Environment
  • Natural Cycles and Life Support Systems
  • What is going wrong with our energy use and the environment?
  • Sustainable Development
  • Business and the Environment – how has the growth of business effected the environment?
  • Summary – What Can I Do?


  • Online, multiple choice examination consisting of 10 questions included
  • Once students pass the online examination, they will receive an IEMA Environmental Awareness Certificate
  • Interesting and diverse multimedia content to suit your learning style
  • Study online, anytime and anywhere with 24/7 access to the course content
  • 3-month course duration, but you can complete it as quickly as you like!
  • Full admin and customer support, Monday to Friday
  • Monitor your progress throughout the course
  • Interactive tools to provide a means of discussing course topics including email, forums with threads of discussions and blogs to maintain a diary of progress
  • Course closely based on the IEMA syllabus
  • The Environment
  • Natural Cycles and Life Support Systems
  • What is going wrong?
  • Sustainable Development
  • Business and the Environment
  • Summary – What can I do?
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