RESILIA™: Cyber Resilience Best Practices

RESILIA™: Cyber Resilience Best Practices
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The RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practices provides organizations with a methodology for implementing cyber resilience. It offers a practical approach to cyber resilience, reflecting the need to detect and recover from incidents, and not rely on prevention alone. It uses the ITIL® framework, which provides a proven approach to the provision of IT services that align to business outcomes, it is equally suitable to be adopted within other systems including COBIT® and organisation-specific frameworks.

The RESILIA™ manual will provide a supplementary training aid to cyber security and IT professionals who are learning how to implement this cyber resilience methodology. The publication is also relevant for any organisation using technology to manage information that is critical to its success. It is aimed at managers who are responsible for staff and processes that contribute to the cyber resilience of the organization, whether designing, operating, supporting or acting as the end users of those information systems.

The guide has been developed by experts in both hands-on cyber resilience and systems management. Working closely with subject and technology experts in cybersecurity assessment.


  • How to manage risk and the different types of risk and opportunities
  • Managing cyber resilience using the ITIL® service lifecycle
  • Control objectives and controls
  • Scenarios that align with the ITIL® framework
  • Roles and responsibilities across organisations regarding cyber resilience


  • Introduction
  • Risk management
  • Managing cyber resilience
  • Cyber resilience strategy
  • Cyber resilience design
  • Cyber resilience transition
  • Cyber resilience operation
  • Cyber resilience continual improvement
  • Cyber resilience roles and responsibilities
  • Further research


  • Help organisations better prepare themselves to deal with an increasing range of cyber threats
  • A management approach to assisting organisations with compliance needs
  • Developed by experts in both hands-on cyber resilience and systems management
  • RESILIA™ is aligned to fit with ITIL® and other systems and organisation-specific frameworks
  • The manual can be shipped to anywhere in the world
  • Manual can be used for reference throughout training and to refresh your memory
  • Books are exempt of VAT.
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