Zen Gardening Certificate

Zen Gardening Certificate
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If there is one style of gardening that defies convention, it is the Zen garden. Also known as a dry landscape, Japanese rock garden or Karesansui, a Zen garden is the polar opposite of many Western styles. Learn more about this fascinating form of horticulture during this short training course that will equip you with all the knowledge to create a Zen garden of your own.

Whether you have some prior gardening experience and want to try something new, or your green fingers are looking for a first project or fresh inspiration, this five module online course is a fun and affordable way to get started with Zen gardening.

What Is Zen Gardening?

A Zen garden is a carefully designed outdoor space that promotes peace and contemplation. Minimalist in style, and using natural materials that typically include rocks, gravel, and sand, a finished project is designed to convey the essence of natural. You may see water features, moss, and pruned trees and bushes, and the surface carefully raked in patterns to represent the movement of water.

This is a form of gardening that has historic and spiritual roots in Japanese culture, and you’ll find out more about its origins during this course. A greater understanding of Zen, and what makes a Zen garden will enable you to appreciate what is behind the practical tasks involved, and the place different materials have in your space.

What Will I Learn About Zen Gardening?

Along with hearing all about the practice of Zen gardening, this course features a lot of practical hints and tips to enable you to follow the Zen garden concepts to create your own space. Find out more about the different elements of a Zen garden, including the use of gravel and water features, and learn how to plan the layout of your garden. With tips about the tools required, common plants.


Learn more about this traditional form of Japanese gardening, and why this spiritual outdoor activity has led to Zen gardens being created across the world.

  • Learn more about Zen, and the history of Zen gardening.
  • Gain a greater understanding of what makes a garden Zen.
  • Look into the different aspects of a Zen garden.
  • Understand the importance and function of gravel in a Zen garden.
  • Find out about symbolism and Zen gardens.
  • How do you plan a Zen garden?
  • An overview of the common plants used in Zen gardens.
  • Understand the symbolism of water in Japanese and Buddhist culture.
  • Discover the types of water features commonly seen in Zen gardens.
  • Learn how to care for a Zen garden and what tools you’ll need.
  • Find out about preparing gravel and raking it in your garden.


  • Challenge yourself to learn a new gardening skill with course content that you can easily put into practice.
  • Learn about a different culture and their gardening traditions.
  • Use your newfound knowledge to create your own Zen garden.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive mix of history and background, and practical gardening tips.
  • An easy to follow course that covers many of the different aspects to Zen gardening.
  • Log on wherever you have an internet enabled device.
  • Suitable for anyone with an interest in the subject of Zen gardening.
  • Gain a certificate on completion of the course.
  • Useful for hobbyists and those working in the gardening trade who are looking to broaden their knowledge.
  • Refresh your learning with interactive activities, quizzes, and worksheets.
  • An affordable way to learn more about a centuries-old tradition.
Introduction to Zen Gardening
  • A history of Zen gardening
  • What is Zen?
  • What is at the centre of Zen?
  • What makes a garden Zen?
Elements in a Zen Gardening
  • Understanding the elements of a Zen garden
  • How yin and yang can be incorporated
  • Understanding the symbolism of rocks in a Zen garden
  • Gravel in a Zen garden
Creating Your Zen Garden
  • Creating a plan for a Zen Garden
  • Using Feng Shui in a Zen Garden
  • Laying a Foundation for a Zen Garden
  • Common Plants for Zen Gardens
Water Features in a Zen Garden
  • The symbolism of water in Japanese culture
  • The symbolism of water in Buddhist culture
  • Ponds in Japanese Zen gardens
  • Waterfalls in Japanese Zen gardens
Caring for Your Zen Garden
  • The tools required to care for a Zen Garden
  • Preparing the gravel in a Zen Garden
  • Raking a Zen Garden
  • General Zen garden maintenance
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